For a better future for all, the Secretary-General calls for participation in the largest global dialogue on the occasion of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the United Nations

On 1 January, the United Nations launched the largest-ever forum for worldwide talk to deliver together commonplace thoughts and solutions to global challenges, concentrate to people who sense excluded or left out, and present it to policy and selection makers later this year.

Member States agreed to hold a high-level meeting on 21 September to mark the seventy-5th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations and to undertake a forward-looking political statement to be negotiated via an intergovernmental process under the slogan: “The destiny we want, the United Nations we seek: to repair Confirming our collective dedication to multilateralism. “The UN seventy five or UN 75 communicate is an opportunity to reap this.

The #UN75 initiative or the “UN-75” campaign broadcast on social networks, to encourage talk on troubles of worldwide subject together with the weather crisis, inequalities and new styles of violence and the major modifications we see in human beings and technology, in addition to reaching sustainable improvement goals, and a shared vision for the destiny.

The United Nations has indicated that the views and thoughts so that it will emerge from the multiple dialogues might be presented to international leaders and senior United Nations officials on the next assembly in September.
The reason of the initiative

By engaging anyone from faculties to parliaments and municipalities, the United Nations ambitions to reach as many humans as possible, to pay attention to their hopes, fears and concerns and to benefit from their ideas and experiences. The communicate will consist of all segments and companies of societies, people and companies, in character or online, and from all areas of the world.

The initiative additionally ambitions to attain marginalized classes, young human beings and people who do not frequently participate. The initiative objectives to offer a platform for communities and people to speak and listen to them.

It additionally goals to conduct a global survey and evaluation of media and Internet content material to accumulate solid information that can guide the design of destiny guidelines and decisions.
How to participate

The “Um-75” marketing campaign has evolved many innovative ways to attain as many humans as possible. These consist of a short survey via the Internet, direct and on-line dialogues organised in cooperation with partners, similarly to imparting a toolbox for folks that wish to organise their dialogues, and a comment form to be posted at the Internet to extract the outcomes of the communicate with the possibility of submitting comments via companions to people who are not available They have an Internet service.

The organisation refers to running and cooperating with partners to conduct opinion polls, prepare focus businesses and offer credible statistical model statistics.
A one-minute survey

The initiative affords a one-minute opinion ballot on its website. Participants are requested about their opinions on various problems together with “their notion of the world after 25 years” or “any advice they wish to offer to the Secretary-General a good way to address essential and major troubles within the world”.

To encourage every body to participate, the initiative charges a phrase from Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, saying: “No single united states of america or society is able to remedy the complicated troubles dealing with our world on its own. We have to unite, not handiest to speak, however additionally to concentrate. You should all be a part of this talk. We need your critiques, strategies and ideas so that we are able to provide better offerings to the peoples of the world we should serve. »
Funding of the initiative

The United Nations has highlighted the need for $11 million to fund the initiative, cover the dialogues and bring and layout materials, thru voluntary contributions from Member States and establishments and via pro bono aid from companions.

Next 12 months will witness many important events to be able to draw the arena’s attention, including meetings on climate change, biodiversity, nuclear non-proliferation and health, similarly to the 25th anniversary of the historic World Conference on Women in Beijing and the 20th anniversary of Security Council decision 1325 on women, protection and peace The 10th anniversary of UN-Women and other conferences.

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