Corona virus threatens Kim Jong-un’s throne

“North Korea has no longer spoken a phrase approximately the deaths and injuries related to the coronavirus, but North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has issued orders of entire confidentiality regarding the victims.” The opportunity of the spread of the lethal disorder is of exquisite concern. According to a report on the American Daily Best website, translated via the Egypt Arab Network, the website reported extreme leaks approximately the start of the unfold of corona on this Asian country, which suffers from a worn-out health machine and limited resources to combat the deadly virus. One clear signal of the regime’s fear of the coronavirus is that a ceremonial procession did now not take vicinity on Saturday in critical Pyongyang, coinciding with the 72nd anniversary of the status quo of the North Korean defamation forces. Last year, Chief A Kim Jong-un had in my opinion supervised the rite that noticed the display of the modern day guns alongside squaddies marching on the navy march called the “goose march”. According to reports, some of Kim Jong Ung’s collaborators have been infected with the A Corunna virus, notwithstanding Pyongyang’s decision to close its 880-mile border with China. The Seoul-based Daily NK newspaper said five people were killed in Sinuiju, North Korea. The daily trusted resources in North Korea who sent reports thru a Chinese cell network to contacts in China. The resources referred to that the North Korean authorities had ordered the Sinuiju health authorities to eliminate the bodies of the crown victims quickly and to cover the deaths from public view. And Beijing announced today, Tuesday, that the new corona virus has claimed the lives of 1,11 people in China, after Hubei Province, the epicenter of the epidemic in the valuable part of the country, recorded 103 new deaths within the beyond 24 hours. Health authorities in Hubei, the important province where the virus first seemed in its capital, Wuhan, at the cease of December, said in its every day replace of the wide variety of lifeless and injured that the epidemic had killed 103 humans inside the last 24 hours and inflamed a similarly 2,097 humans. The sources stated that one of the first human beings to contract Corona in North Korea become transferred to a hospital in Sinuiju with symptoms much like those of ordinary flu, and was given antibiotics and heat-lowering drugs, however died nevertheless due to the spread of the fever. Later, two extra people died due to Corona in another sanatorium in Senuiju, after which two more died in a nearby town. “North Korea’s worries about the outbreak are more critical due to the excessive scarcity of medical treatment and equipment,” the U.S. site added. Pyongyang fears that the unfold of the virus could affect Kim’s grip on its 25 million people, most of whom live in severe poverty and starvation. “Because health situations in North Korea are very poor, the government should take drastic measures to save you the Corona virus from spreading rapidly,” stated Bruce Bennett, an analyst on the Rand Research Center.

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