Corona China plague Athena … lessons from history and human destiny

An American professional counseled China to attend to the lethal Corona epidemic and to study from the sermons and training of the plague that killed ancient Athens.

James Holmes, professor of naval method at the US Naval War College, reminded China of the situation in Athens, which became a powerful city in historical times.

When the plague prevailed at that time, moral values and controls collapsed. If that turned into the case with historic Athens, could China follow match after the unfold of the A Corona virus?

This is the query Holmes requested in his article in National Interest magazine, and he tried to answer it with the aid of analysing and extrapolating history, to reveal the consequences of the effects of the Chinese leadership now not handiest for their country but also for the vicinity round them.
The worst events
In an advent to his article, the author factors out that epidemics are a few of the worst disasters which can befall a network of societies, as their impact exceeds the lack of human life, and that ailment can cause a exchange in human destiny for the worse.

Holmes – who is the author of a e book entitled “A Guide to Maritime Strategy” – says that China is witnessing the warning symptoms of last time, represented by the “destiny” of the new Corona virus, which first surfaced in Wuhan (centre) at the end of December .

Public health government were forced to impose a quarantine that despatched Wuhan, its 11 million inhabitants, lower back to a “ghost town”.

However, quarantine is a wonderful procedure, especially inside the case of China. The Chinese Communist Party did no longer first manage the epidemic while it sought to silence Dr Li Wenliang, the primary to discover the corona virus on social networks, because he allegedly made “fabricated statements” and “spread rumours”.
Plague infection
Holmes goes again in history, announcing that plague infection bothered the population of ancient Athens during the second one yr of the Peloponnesian War in opposition to its rival city of Isparta in historic Greece, which lasted 27 years, among 431 BC and 404 BC.

At that time, the army method pursued by means of Pericles (one of Greece’s most famous politicians) sent Athens back to an incubator of disorder when he persuaded his famous council to abandon the encompassing rural areas in favor of Spartan infantry brigades, transfer its population to the town partitions, and send the Athenian army to invade the Peloponnesian coast within the desire of gaining Spartan management to quit the conflict.
And Perchlis’ strategic logic became no longer without flaws, in the national interest article’s view, due to the fact averting the load of enemy strength and exploiting the benefits in a manner that ends in successful consequences is itself a shape of strategy.

But hiding in the back of the high walls surrounding Athens and the port of Piraeus inside the administrative place of Attica, 9 kilometres to the south, has had very serious consequences, says Holmes.
“Divine Vengeance”
The plague epidemic become transported across the Mediterranean Sea to the Aegean Sea from North Africa through sailors on a merchant ship that had been infected. When the epidemic swept through the town of Piraeus, it exceeded from one organization of humans to another within the densely populated metropolis.

According to historian Donald Keegan, one 0.33 of Piraeus’ population shrunk the sickness. And you can imagine – as James Holmes says – that more than four hundred million humans can have died from the Corona virus by 2022, which is ready 100 million Americans in proportion to the populace of the United States.

Although the precise nature of the disease stays a mystery regardless of the fact that greater than thousand years have passed because it unfold, some citizens of ancient Greece seemed it as “divine vengeance” because of the sins of the Athenians.

By forsaking the historical incident on China today, Holmes believes that Chinese President Qi Jinping could face a violent reaction in the ruling Communist Party, which might result in his elimination from office. He can also release a crackdown to consolidate his rule, or events may also take an surprising course.

There is not any guarantee – inside the opinion of the writer of the article – that China, which is fighting the Corona virus, will manage to address what has occurred or be wary of military issues.

Carelessness and repulsion
China can be adventurous, if not adopt imprudent policies based totally on the route accompanied by domestic policy.

However, Holmes stresses the need no longer to magnify the similarities between the past and the present. China has managed its crisis better than historical Athens, because no vow of battle has emerged in East Asia, and it will now not emerge unless Beijing tends toward the option of attack.

From the writer’s factor of view, China could avoid the destiny of ancient Athens. There is a big difference between the 2 societies. Athens has adopted direct and noisy democracy. It turned into enclosed in a small rocky terrain, however China is a rustic with a continental area, with an autocratic and autocratic regime.

In China, the president controls the kingdom apparatus, with the monetary authority he possesses, which lets in him to arrange sectarian dissonance in his country. As for Berkeleys, although he can also were the “first citizen” of historical Athens, he by no means notion he may want to tighten his grip on electricity as Qi Jinping did in China.

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