Kickstarter Technology Highlights for January 2020

Below is a list of the ten most essential technology projects released in January that were efficiently funded via the Kickstarter platform.

  1. Hidden helmet inside the shape of glasses
    The product called (Mutrics GB-30) is a goggle that includes a hidden headset, the headset makes use of generation (open ear), it gives you sound with out blocking off the route of the ear and the glasses help to keep looking at the same time as gambling and watching via a mobile telephone, the headset connects The Bluetooth is controlled with the aid of buttons or voice commands (Google Assistant or Siri). Lenses may be changed, whilst the working time can be up to 4 hours.
  2. To turn the iPad right into a MacBook-like tool
    A product named (doqo) that adds the entirety needed to show the tablet right into a MacBook laptop that offers an integrated framework for the iPad to be certainly one of its parts, to provide you a feel and luxury of the computer, because it affords: a keyboard with a mouse motion pad, Connectivity Ports and others.
  3. A tool to convert any screen into a digital touch screen
    A small tool through which you control the display screen or pc via gestures, i.E. you convert the display screen right into a touch screen however inside the air, wherein the tool captures the actions of your hand and transmits it to the connected device, it could be used with telephones or computers in addition to with smart TVs, it is able to be used at some point of the presentation Moving slides and other makes use of.
  4. Advanced camera assist and tripod head
    This unit is set up above the triple camera assist (tripod) or at once on any surface through the committed base, and offers a different manner to control the motion and angle of the camera is characterized by means of velocity and ease, it also provides a mechanism to mechanically regulate the horizontal stability and incorporates a virtual show for easy manipulate of options.
  5. Small mobile, very small, very
    The smallest cell smartphone that gives a 3G service (as its proprietors claim), you treat it with your finger and no longer the palm of your hand, it has the name (Zanco tiny t2) with which you may make touch and different things, such as: nonetheless photography, video, tune player, SMS, radio, calendar alarm, etc., and fees range from 60 to 80 dollars.
  6. The scanner depends on virtual photography
    A report imaging device (scanner) that relies on vertical photography through a digital camera, which prints pages and documents, then procedures and configures them, the image may be previewed on the laptop before being taken, then photograph processing, elimination of appendices, shade adjustments and text display, the device is useful for anyone who desires to scan whole books because it saves time Direct imaging without touching buttons or directing commands
  7. Small and lightweight surround sound recorder
    A product named (TileRec) is a transportable mini voice recorder, to document interviews, meetings or even urgent non-public notes, it may retain recording for twenty-four hours, and it has an 8GB inner memory, manufactured from aluminum and may withstand shocks.
  8. Fast transportable phone and pc charger
    With its compact layout and excessive charging pace, (SHARGE) affords a charging method for both telephone and laptop at the equal time, it’s miles able to charging modern-day laptops with quickens to sixty five watts, and it responds to the present day MacBook tool in much less than hours, and smartphones also charge Parallel Fast Charge with computer charging through USB-C.
  9. Modern cabinet and closet lighting
    This product is a mild this is installed interior garments lockers or different cabinets that have a door or a large opening in the wall, in which the mild tape is implanted in a hidden place, and turns on and rancid mechanically whilst the door is opened and closed or while there is movement, offers a manipulate interface thru smartphone It can function via batteries or an electrical outlet.
  10. Kasbah: preserving the environment
    Although the concept of the challenge seems easy and unnecessary, its greatest value lies in its maintenance of the environment. The straw you drink the juice with won’t see it as a trouble threatening the planet’s environment, but if you think about it from the group’s side, and I have calculated the amount of reeds that are ate up and thrown away every day, your outlook can be different.

This product called (Penna Straw) is a stainless-steel cane that folds without problems and is located interior your small residence that does the cleaning and sterilization task, so you don’t must carry the clean interior, nor do you need to throw away a plastic cane every time you drink a cup of juice.

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