Atari brand hotels with sports studios and arcade facilities come to the US

Atari has granted its name to a variety of brand associations in the gaming industry, but the firm has joined the hospitality field with the last contract to build eight brand hotels in Atari. It signed a deal to finance the construction of eight hotels in the United States with True North Studio and the GSD Group. The construction of new hotels in Houston, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle will commence in Phoenix in mid 2020. The development will take place in Phoenix.

The’ Gaming Resort Destination’ provides VR-and RA-game play areas, and there are rooms and studios in some locations that host online sports events. The hotels have conference rooms, work areas and restaurants, bars and a bakery, a cinema and a fitness center according to Atari. The company says that it will act as a destination for the family and business travelers who will lend themselves to the humorous picture of an entrepreneur attempting to print something in the conference room and organize a tournament in the next room.

Atari is to be given a $600,000 advance to sign the contract for 5 percent of the hotel revenue. The hotel is located near the Woz U Campus, which is also affiliated with Phoenix-based GSD Group, of Steve Wozniak University, Arizona.

In the meantime, it was difficult to build the Atari VCS retro console as the key builder said he hadn’t been paid for more than six months. If it is difficult for Atari Video Game Company to create a video game console, a shocking image can be seen of how these hotels turn out.

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