WSJ reports Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend shared compromising texts with her brother who sold them.

Prosecutors in New York have evidence indicating that Lauren Sanchez, Jeff Bezos ‘ friend, had made deals with her uncle, Michael Sanchez, on his dealings with Bezos. Michael then reportedly sold the pictures to the National Enquirer. The WSJ notes that its reporters themselves have seen the messages.

The phone was impacted by Bezos’s reception of a WhatsApp message from Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) of Saudi Arabia with a malicious email, according to this theory. A research on hacking, released by FTI Consulting, the security firm of the Federal Foreign Ministry, endorsed this hypothesis.

Apparently the Guardian and FTI reports supported the original claims of Bezo’s security adviser, Gavin De Becker, who initially released in The Daily Beast an article not just alleging that Saudi Arabia was on the telephone of the Amazon creator, but that it could also be related to the Enquirer’s tale.

Security professionals, however, believed that the FTI study had not shown Saudi Arabia’s phone hacking. This is based mainly on coincidences, not on proof of the remittance of Bezos ‘ data to Saudi Arabia. And while in a previous article in the Medium Bezos has indicated that there was a connection between Saudi Arabia and the National Investigator, it does not appear that either Bezos or his security consultant have any evidence that would connect the apparent hacking in Saudi Arabia with the Bezos story by the National Enquirer.

The primary source of the National Investigator’s report appears likely to be Michael Sanchez. Saudi Arabia may have hacked into Bezos ‘ account, but that’s not true. Either of them might be real. But there is still no hard evidence of the National Enquirer’s report on the event in Saudi Arabia.

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