The new Lego studio desires to create “more poetic and artistic games”.

Lego launched a surprising new game just before Christmas. It wasn’t exactly what many guests expected of this toy giant, called Builder’s Journey. The business is well known for its action games for the whole family, based on the developer TT Games ‘ games from Star Wars to The Lord of the Rings. It was different from Builder’s Journey. It had more to do with the independent art title than with a permitted blockbuster. It was a brief serious encounter. It wasn’t an accident: Lego recently set up a brand new Light Brick in-house workshop to create such an experience.

“We feel that it’s necessary to continually use imagination and creativity.” Light Brick is small, like a typical independent studio. According to Lund, the company now has a workforce of only nine people, with an industry mixture of ancestors and new talent.

The situation is unique for Light Brick. This works in terms of creativity, but with the wealth and intellectual property of a larger company, as an independent studio. There are only a few similar examples. It is no coincidence that before joining the Lego squad, Lund worked on Square Enix Montreal.

Whilst a title like Builder’s Journey is not the type of game that sells millions of copies, it’s only available through the subscription service from Apple Arcade-Lund claims it provides more than just a commercial appeal to society.

“It is part of what we refer to as systemic imagination. It has elements that are as logical and imaginative as they are, ideal for games such as this.

WhLund says that the reaction has been very good to Builder’s Journey so far. Players are making scenes with real Lego bricks from the game.

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