SpaceX successfully tests exhaust system on new spacecraft

This weekend’s exercise, SpaceX imitated an unsuccessful launch of a rocket to show that its Dragon crew can withstand and protect the precious citizens within it.

Eight SuperDraco engines in the capsule are incorporated in the exhaust system of the Dragon Crew. The Spacecraft can be pushed up and off by the SuperDraco. A rehabilitation ship finds the capsule and rescues the passengers.

SpaceX tested previously this escape system, only when the Dragon Crew is on the deck. This was a process that the organization and NASA needed to see when the spacecraft entered the sky on a rocket. This is when the system is required most if the worst scenario happens in the future.

SpaceX launched one of its used Falcon 9 rockets at 10:30 am ET on Sunday in Cape Canaveral, Florida, three times in and out of space, and a Crew Dragon was at the top. After 84 seconds of launch, the SuperDracos fired and the rocket engines shot down, as they experienced the most tension during the flight. The Dragon Crew then passed the complete escape routine and collapsed successfully into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Dragon crew traveled a mile away from the Falcon 9 thanks to the SuperDracos. Although SpaceX has two intelligent dummies inside Crew Dragon, there were no people on board during the flight to help collect the maneuver’s impact on future crew members.

SpaceX anticipated losing its Falcon 9 rocket during that test and soon after the Dragon crew broke off the rocket, it exploded into flames. For that launch, the rocket was fully fueled and the propellant was inflamed.

This research is now done with the next big Dragon Crew flight getting people on board: Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, NASA astronauts. Today, they both saw the Florida launch, just like their families.

Hurley said in a press conference after the launch, “Our families were certainly observing from their own homes. They obviously have an enormous interest.” It takes you through a lot of things, emotions you experience in a launch.

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