Motorola’s Razr pre-orders are now available until mid-February.

You will not receive your phone until February 18th more than 10 days after the time of its release if you pre-order Motorola Razr. The resurgent Razr is now available from Verizon exclusively on the 6th February with a windshield. Pre-order opened yesterday and delivery dates were quickly delayed by some days for the $1,500 package.

The website of Motorola, also making pre-orders for the Razr, now has the same date as on February 18. The company has postponed pre-order by one month, suggesting that telephone demand has met initial expectations.

For those who buy Razr, Verizon offers several offers; you can save up to $500 when you change your telephone for a recent period of 24 months and pay for Razr. But because this is the only carrier that offers the telephone, it is unlikely that the price of $1,500 will change soon.

After the hard first Samsung Galaxy Fold, you wonder whether it will be more to demonstrate the value of this new category than Motorola’s approach–and Razr’s “old school” component. Samsung seems to take a similar direction for her next folding phone, which is expected to come out on February 11 together with the Galaxy S20 series.

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