UK refuses to implement Copyright Directive after Brexit

After its departure from the European Union on 31 January the UK Government will not accept the controversial EU Copyright Directive, although politicians are still in favor of the “general objectives” of the law.

Free speech supporters have opposed the copyright order, which claims it will hamper online communication by way of’ download controls’ and’ link taxes.’ To order to evaluate files for copyright violation, the download filter includes certain Websites, whilst the link tax lets newspapers and publishers charge aggregators for access to their contents.

Though, that doesn’t mean that the United Kingdom will not in fact apply similar regulations. Nigel Adams, Minister for Tourism, Media and Creative Industries in the recent discussion of the music industry, said copyright holders, including music labels (which are in favor of the Directive as it gives them more control over technical giants), the influence policy in future.

Mr. Adam, a Music Producers ‘ Guild author, said, “we respect the general goals of the Copyright Directive. The legislation was revised in an effort to convince opponents after a lengthy and contentious journey through the EU legislative bodies. Exceptions of modifications for content like “citation, commentary, Caricature, Parody and Pastiche” have been applied to the download blacklist.

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