Hundreds of Amazon employees put their jobs at risk by criticizing the company’s climate change policy

The climate change record of your boss avoids being dismissed in violation of the business ban in the event of such public criticism from hundreds of workers in the Amazon.

On Sunday 357 staff, who are also reflecting what the workforce see as hypocritics in Amazon, released remarks from the Amazon Climate Justice Team. The organization is committed to the potential use of renewable energy only and its emissions reduction, but is still partnering with and developing the activity of petroleum and gas companies.

According to a recent Guardian study, since 1965, about a third of greenhouse gas emissions have been paid for by 20 businesses, many of which (including BP and Shell) rely on Amazon’s cloud computing, machine learning and data services.

Melissa Reeder, Senior designer at UX, writes: “I would like Amazon to embrace his dream of being the customer-centric Planet organization.” “We will show the world that we place our customers above profits and be a global leader in the fight against climate change by completing our contracts with gas and oil firms.

Amazon’s marketing policy forbids this type of public scrutiny. A company spokesperson told The Verge instead that it allows the workers to join in internal communities and to put questions during the Q&A sessions of the company.

The leaders in the mass movement expect that they will escape such a punishment by organizing their criticism. An e-mail from employees of Amazon Climate Justice requesting comments from employees reassures peers of ‘ strands in number, ‘ as a result of the Recode report.

This is the latest case of workers from Silicon Valley organizing to change their policies for employers. The recent protests include a Google departure to protect men accusing their friends and Microsoft staff of sexually assaulted by the Organization and protesting both its “complicity in the Climate Crisis” and its cooperation with the EIB.

Although Amazon’s workforce currently has a small share of workers (about 750,000 employees including the distribution personnel), they include a number of highly skilled jobs such as computer analysts and software developers.

There is a lot to be done about published comments. Many thank Amazon for their ongoing commitment to combating climate change, but say that if the company remains true to its courageous management culture, it has to do more – and allow employees to say so.

VP of Advertising, says, “I love working with Amazon. This philosophy of leadership is one of the qualities that I love most: “These are good luck, frustration and loyalty. I believe it’s now more critical than ever in this country’s political and business history for workers to have the freedom to speak openly about their employer behavior.

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