The next product developed by the creators of Eve V is a monitor

Eve, the Finnish hardware manufacturer that has come up with ideas for what was a very successful2-in-1 Windows, but struggling with competition, unveiled her new model. Spectrum is a dashboard for “crowd entrepreneurs,” which seems an intriguing choice if the company will meet its promises. Naturally, like the Eve V, it’s a great if that happens.

The Spectrum consists of three monitors that all use 27-inch LG Display IPS panels with a range of 96% P3 and compatibility with FreeSync and G-Sync. There are then two DisplayHDR 600 (750 nits peak luminosity) high-end versions of 1440p/240hz ($489).

While the Spectrum is a good paper game console, the metal design is far more discrete than most other alternatives, this is more than any product a user can get.

What’s the issue? Well the spectrum doesn’t come with a booth, like Apple’s Pro Display XDR. Eve says she wanted the option to buy without 47 per cent of her community. Luckily, at 99 dollars Eve’s official booth is 10 times as cheap as Apple’s, offering height changes, image alignment, and a swift release change.

The other thing that goes without mentioning is that Eve can’t be trusted to deliver the product on time even though she has a new supply chain supplier who attempts to be more pragmatic than with V. The Spectrum can be booked with a $100 fee that is reimbursable before the display really is made. If all goes according to plan, this should be Q3 for the entry model and Q4 for the other two.

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