The construction of climate-friendly technology poses new problems

Solar and electric vehicles are another threat to people and the environment, which is a mining boom. The climate crisis must be stopped by us. The transition between energy and fossil fuel depends on technologies such as batteries and solar panels that offer alternative forms of energy. However, raw material extraction can undermine human rights and destroy sensitive ecosystems. Governments and companies will have to take other challenges found by the initiative into account when they try to tackle climate change by promoting renewable energies.

Science Journal policy specialists caution that a sustainable future will rely on how leaders handle metal and mineral demands, such as cobalt and lithium for rechargeable batteries.

Cleaner battery power and energy storage to retain the wind and solar energy even when the weather is bad. The downside is that these cobalt batteries are made. Most of the cobalt in the world is from the DRC, where kids work in mines to satisfy the rising metal demand. In a case last December on the murders of children in cobalt fields, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dell and Tesla were all charged.

According to the World Bank, by the year 2050 cobalt production from low carbon energy sources is expected to rise by 585%. The production of lithium that is also necessary for batteries can grow to 965% by 2050. In order to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change, the intergovernmental panel on climate change of the UN warns that the world needs to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions around 2050.

No easy answers are available to find less destructive ways of finding what we need. Deep sea mining is one of the emerging solutions. It can open up new cobalt markets, but it will destroy habitats that are only just being studied by scientists. According to Sovacool, costs and benefits of every new project must be measured lightly. His report in Science says that countries will focus on their climatic policies and global negotiations such as the Paris Climate Agreement on the resource supply chain.

Unless the fossil fuels it relies on are impaired, the impact on the climate change is a result of the upsurge of technological advances. A green economy will not come out of nowhere, although powered by wind energy. History will repeat itself if we do not think of what has been lost to create the future.

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