YouTubers Campaign to Plant millions of Trees

More than 21 million trees in Australia, Brazil, China, Haiti, Indonesia, Hungary, Ireland, Madagascar, Mozambique and the United Kingdom will be planted through the Youtuber MrBeast tree planting campaign.

Jimmy’s “MrBeast” Donaldson is planning in October to raise $20 million for the #TeamTrees campaign, having reached 20 million YouTube subscribers. It would suffice per dollar collected to plant a tree. Some of the biggest stars of YouTube joined in the lighting social media, giving #TeamTrees enough power to fulfill the campaign goal in December.

All of the trees are planted by 2022 according to Mr. Beast’s environmental organization The Arbor Day Foundation, with which he has collaborators. This year, the first planting period will include 100,000 trees in California, 350,000 in Kijabe Forest and 400,000 in the Cauvery River Basin in southern India.

Some of those destroyed in destructive fires in 2018 will be replaced by trees in California. In that year, more than 8,000 forest fires were burnt. Amongst them was California’s deadliest and most destructive fire, Camp Fire, which almost wiped Paradise City away and pointed to how climate change is fuelling more seasons of intense fire.

“We know that 20 million trees will not cure climate change, but the aim is a great deal to conclude this decade,” said Mark Rober of Youtuber in a campaign promoter video. Trees capture and accumulate the global warming carbon dioxide. This is a positive way to send policymakers a call, “It is time for climate change.” Furthermore, we love trees, so it’s like Mother Earth’s first pump, “Rober said.

When trees are planted, the environmental benefits will be measured. Forestry activities are possible in regions where trees have been destroyed for construction or fires. Planting new trees where natural crops–such as grasslands–are not produced can actually harm local ecosystems. In September, Leonardo DiCaprio was asked to stop promoting a controversial tree planting project in the Cauvery river by an environmental group alliance in India. The coalition claimed in a letter that, as a result of the Cauvery Calling campaign, streams and rivers could be dried up and the natural habitat destroyed.

It is equally important in combating climate change to ensure that trees live long and healthy lives. Trees have to survive at least as long as they have stored carbon, which is about 100 years, in the atmosphere. In California forest fires in 2015, at least a timber initiative to reduce carbon dioxide has risen in smoke.

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